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University of Mississippi Choirs
The University of Mississippi

The 2021 Ole Miss Choral Symposium

Performing Renaissance Music – A Symposium on Historical Performance

The 2021 Ole Miss Choral Symposium will be a virtual offering presented in five consecutive evening broadcasts the week of June 28 – July 2.  All interested viewers are welcome to join at no cost.  The goal is to offer this important information to as many musicians as possible.  The broadcasts will be presented through YouTube links that will be shared in the days leading up to the broadcasts.

We are thrilled to have as our presenter Dr. Dennis Shrock.  Dr. Shrock is a noted and well-respected choral scholar with many publications on performance practice.  Performing Renaissance Music (click here to purchase) published by GIA Publications will be the source for much of the symposium’s presentation, so viewers are encouraged to purchase this book prior to the symposium.

In preparation for the symposium, you are encouraged to view our introductory video . In this video, you are prepared for what to expect in the upcoming five one-hour video presentations that are titled:

Video 1 – Sources and Force                              June 28

Video 2 – Sound and Pitch                                    June 29

Video 3 – Meter and Tempo                                 June 30

Video 4 – Phrasing and Text Underlay                  July 1


Video 5 – Ornamentation and Expression            July 2

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We look forward to your joining us for what will be five evenings of very enlightening and inspiring information sharing!




Dr. Donald Trott
Ole Miss Choral Symposium Coordinator