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University of Mississippi Choirs
The University of Mississippi


All students, no matter what major you are pursuing, are welcome to participate and audition for a choral scholarship. Auditions may be in person or by submitting a video.

Audition Requirements: Undergraduate and Graduate

1. Sing 5-note descending scales that show your top and bottom range. Sing in full voice.

2. Sing a prepared selection, either with or without accompaniment – or – sing “My Country tis of Thee” or the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Auditions (in-person or video)

In-person auditions will take place on October 20, 2023, February 2, 2024 and April 5, 2024.

All other students interested in an audition as a vocal major will need to submit a digital audition video as an unedited video of high quality using a youtube link set as unlisted. Email the youtube link to your audition video, along with your full name and contact information, to If you are a transfer student, be sure to include a list of your cumulative repertoire. Both voice and choral faculty will review your audition video.

Note: While selections with accompaniment are encouraged, a cappella submissions will be accepted.